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À La Karte Shop is a digital culinary marketplace that will provide marginalized-owned culinary businesses an opportunity to sell their products on our website. 

About À La Karte Shop

With the abundance of products on shelves at your local retail store, it’s challenging to figure out which products are from black-owned and Latino-owned businesses. Also searching out each business online and social media can be overwhelming and time-consuming. The key is to create a single marketplace to search and shop for all your favorite products from small food businesses. À La Karte Shop solves this problem by bringing a variety of products and vendors together in one online marketplace.

All products purchased support marginalized-owned small businesses.

Some of our Brands Include

Are you seeking to expand your audience.

There are many marketplaces, but our network consists of a niche group of small food businesses that are seeking to expand their audience. From restaurants to chefs, to small food producers, our platform provides a single source to purchase a variety of products.

À La Karte Shop provides a simple platform to shop from multiple vendors with one shopping cart and simply checkout with the added assurance that all products purchased support marginalized-owned small businesses.

À La Karte Shop classifies marginalized business owners as:

  • People of African American, African, Caribbean, LatinX, and Indigenous heritage and may have some or none of the following characteristics
  • Senior Citizens
  • Military combat veterans
  • Hearing, visually, and physically challenged persons

Meet Our Partners


Latin Restaurant Weeks highlights the contributions of Hispanics and Latinos in the industry and acknowledges them as an integral part of the local community, providing them with a platform to amplify their voices and visibility. LRW was founded in 2019 by Karinn Chavarria and Warren Luckett, in order to help lend a voice to the aspiring and existing Hispanic entrepreneurs and professionals of the culinary industry. VISIT WEBSITE


À La Karte Shop is founded by Black Restaurant Week, LLC. Founded in 2016 by Warren Luckett, Falayn Ferrell, and Derek Robinson, Black Restaurant Week® is dedicated to celebrating the flavors of African-American, African, and Caribbean cuisine nationwide. Through a series of events and promotional campaigns, Black Restaurant Week’s culinary initiatives help introduce culinary businesses and culinary professionals to the community. VISIT WEBSITE

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